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Private Power 4

The Private Power 4 controller is the perfect Island solution in connection with up to 4 solar panels. It can save the energy in a 12 - 24 Volt batterypackage and the energy can be used when ever it will be need. Every 12 - 24 Volt island inverter up to 1000 Watt can be connected to the Private Power 4. An optional balancer unit for Innopower 60 Ah and 100 Ah LiFeMnPo4 is available for the device.The Private Power 4 is optimized in connection with 60 cell modules what are cost effective and highly available. Some parameters like charge - and discharge voltages etc could be adjusted. The Private Power 4 can be connected to a grid and the output socket will automatically switch to the grid if external power is available. It switches back to the connected island inverter if the grid voltage is falling below 170 Volt.


Private Power 4

The Private Power 4 controller is a cost effective energy storage solution for small homes, camping and boat applications. Some devices can be cascaded to a complete house storage system.

UVP 548,-

8 Balancer units 195,-

Dimensions 270 mm wide x 140 mm width x 70 mm height
Max. charge current
40 Ampere
Max. discharge current
40 Ampere
Case 1,5 mm steel
Input from solar panel
30 - 45 Volt
Max. output power to inverter
1 kW
about 95 %
Connectors 6 x Phoenix 4 qmm, 2 x 6 mm supply clamp,
2 x RJ45 for rs485 head
Temperature range -10° to 50°C
Hum 10% bis 90% RH (not condensated)

Private Power 4
Private Power 4

Balancer option for  Innopower LiFeMnPo4:Balancer