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Sun 2 Grid

The Solar ElectriX Sun 2 Grid Controller is developed for the combination of a solar panel with an inverter and a 24 Volt batterypackage. The following functions are integrated:

At sunshine it loads the battery package in the range between 22,3 and 29,6 Volt. The inverter will be switched on if the charge voltage will reach the adjusted value.
The discharging power to the inverter is adjustable between 10 Watt up to 300 Watt. The lcd display will indicate the momentary important parameters. So with this Sun 2 Grid controller you can reduce the power consumption of your electrical devices at home after sunset.

Manual (pdf)

Schematic (pdf)

Board layout (pdf)

Metal housing (dxf)

Software (c)

UVP 325,-

Sun 2 Grid

Dimensions 55 mm deep x 172 mm width x 115 mm height
Max. charge current:
10 Ampere = 250 Watt
Max. discharge current
5 Ampere = 125 Watt
Case: 1 mm steel
Input from solar panel:
15 - 40V
Connectors: 3 x  clamp , 4 qmm
Temperature range: -10° to 80°C
Hum: 10% bis 90% RH (not condensated)