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We were not sure for a long time if we will start to develope the Easyheater cause we were not very happy to power an electical heater with solar power, cause we think that electrical power is much more valuable compare to heat power and solar power is even not high available in the wintertime. However there are some circumstances where it makes sense to use solar power for an electrical heater.

The Easyheater is controlled from a smart meter "Easymeter Q3D" and it will feed a 2 KW electrical heater with power from a solar system as long as the solar panels have more energy than the momentary required energy in the household.


Manual (pdf)

Schematic (pdf)

Board layout (pdf)

Metal housing (dxf)

Software (c)

The retail price is 385,-

221 mm x 116 mm x 50 mm
Steel - wallbox
Protection class
2 x 4mm Clamp
Input voltage
230 Volt
Max. Power
2000 Watt
Easymeter Q3D or Handcontrol
Temperature range:
-20° up to + 80°C