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5 Panel Controller

The Solar ElectriX 5 Panel Controller is the perfect solution in connection with up to 5 solar panels. It can save the energy in a 24 Volt batterypackage and the energy can be used when ever it will be need. The power to the inverter can be adjusted and fixed up to 250 Watt. A rs485 interface head for the Easymeter Q3D smartmeter is delivered together with the 5 Panel controller as well. If an Easymeter is present you can control the power to the inverter with the indicated power values of the Easymeter. For example: If you have a power consumption of 200 Watt in your home, the Easymeter will "tell" the 5 Panel controller the 200 Watt and the 5 Panel Controller will controll the power to the inverter until the inverter will deliver 200 Watt. The result is, that the Easymeter will indicate 0 Watt and no energy will feed in the Grid or will used from the grid. The Solar ElectriX 5 Panel controller is optimized in connection with poly modules what are cost effective and highly available. Some different parameter like day or night control, charge - and discharge voltages etc. could be adjusted. An additional 16 Ampere relay can be switched on or off, depending of the adjusted trigger voltages in the controller menu.

The 5 Panel controller is a cost effective energy storage solution for small solar fields.

5 Panel

Dimensions 480mm wide x 200mm width x 44mm height
Max. charge current
36 Ampere
Max. discharge current
12 Ampere
Case 1 mm steel
Input from solar panel
10 - 50V
MPP output to inverter
35 - 38 Volt
about 95 %
Connectors 2x MC4, 5 x Wago 236, 2 x 6mm supply clamp,
1 x RJ45 for rs485 head
Temperature range -10° to 80°C
Hum 10% bis 90% RH (not condensated)